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Alternativskolen (Animail Communicator education)


We offer a 2 year studie which will give you intruduction in various themes in the world of mind, body and spirit. It is possible to quite after 1 year. You will then get a diploma saying that you have finished 1 year of studie at Alternativskolen. However if you finish the 2 years you will recieve a certification that you have finish 2 years with deepening in animal communication.  


Year one we will visit themes such as: 

- developing 6th sence/telepathy

- animal communication

- healing Reiki 1

- healing Reiki 2

- channeling

- meditation

- angelcard, pendelum and other aids

- first aid in homeopathy for domestic use

- hypnotherapy

- aurareading

- reading people

- mediumship

- hand analysis

- dream interpretation

plus more


After 1 year most students will know what direction they would like to take. Wether it is animal communication or something else.

PS! For those participants already holding a reikidegree and don't want to follow that weekend will be offered to join a course in animal communication outside school as a compensation.  


Year 2:

We offer deepening studies in animal communication.

We follow our student closely and give them our assistance when needed. Our goal is to educate skilled animal communicators. To start with we go thoroughly through the techniques. You will be required to practice between sessions. We recommend you do a course in animal communication in advance but it is not required. If you do not have animals of your own there is probably other students who would love for you to practice at their animals. And we can help you in contact with others.


It is not possible to start year 2 without having year 1 for those who only wants animal communication. Year 1 is a preporation for year 2. Opening all our sences and learning the techniques. At the end of year 2 there will be an excamination. But we will work hard with all students so there won't be a  challenge.  


Nina, Grete and Sonja have all taken a few courses in animal communication as well as finished a 2 year education in animal communication.


There is not required any prior knowledge to start our studies.


Year 1 kr 22.000

Year 2 kr 22.000


Each year consists of 9 weekend sessions. So there is no problem having a full time job next to the studies. There is no more then 1 weekend session each month.

Alternativskolen starts February 2012. There is a limited numbers of students.


Year 1 will be held at Unitysenteret in the middle of Oslo center. It is easy accsess using public transport.


Reservation is binding and the deposit is not refundable if canceled.



Dates for school:

(year one 2012)

20. og 21. March

17. og 18 April

08. og 09 Maiy

12. og 13. June

04. og 05. September

09. og 10. October

13. og 14. November

08. og 09. January 2011

05. og 06 February 2011


Guest speakers at school:




Marianne Rømen

Dyveke Winge

Harald Thiis

Liss Ringen

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