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Welcome to Dyretolksenteret


Dyretolksenteret is a centre for animal communication based 20 min outside of Oslo in Norway. Here you will find information about animal communication, how we work, workshops/courses and lectures we held. 

Dyretolksenteret is run by a team of 3 educated animal communicators; Grete Løvfall Andresen, Sonja Ullestad and Nina Gustavsen Sandbakk. Would you like to know what your animal think, feel, about their health, or just would like to hear what they have to say..? Please contact us. We do consultations both in Norway and abroad, in person with the animal and owner or long distance just by using a photo. We also work with missing animal cases.


You are welcome to book a consultation with us. One of our communicators also welcomes clients to her place just outside Tønsberg.




Grete Løvfall Andresen

Tlf.: +47 9111 4478


Sonja Ullestad

Tlf.: +47 9701 2623


Nina Gustavsen Sandbakk

Tlf.: +47 9927 8824


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