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Courses and Alternative Camp


Animal Communication course

Our goal with this course if for owners to become aware that their animals have their own voice so that they more easily can understand when their animals try to communicate with them. Think how wonderful to be able to talk to your own animal! We will teach you various techniques to communicate with them. 


Day 1: You will learn the techniques and talk to animals that is used to communicating with course participants.


Day 2: You bring a photo of your animal and learn to communicate long distance using a photo.


If you don't have any animals that is no problem we have plenty of animals you can practice on. You can also bring a photo of a deceased animals if you don't have any living.


Booking a course is valid once a deposit of kr. 500,-  is in our account. Reservation is binding and you will only get the deposite refunded with a medical certificate.  Final payment when you show at day 1 at the course. There is not any required prerequisites. 


This is a 2 day course

Day 1 is from 10:00-17:00 and day 2 is from 10:00-16:00

If you want to deepend your understanding and communication skills we will recommend our Alternativeskole. You will get introdused to various themes within the mind, body and spirit world. Pluss deepening studies in animal communication. 


Alternative camp


Alternative camp is a camp where you can come and test your 6th sense as well as have fun. We will give you many exciting and various task to solve. 


We will do our best to give you a nice and pleasant stay. At night we will have a social gathering serving food and beverages.


Our aim is to run the camp at different places across the country. And we run different tasks each time so it is ok for you to come back at another camp if that is something you would like to do. 

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We have had several journalist visiting our camps. You can read about it at the link: press.  

Welcome til Dyretolksenteret


Dyretolksenteret is a centre for animal communication based in Norway. Here you will find information about animal communication, how we work, workshops and lectures we held. Dyretolksenteret is run by a team of 3 educated animal communicators; Grete Løvfall Andresen, Sonja Ullestad and Nina Gustavsen Sandbakk. Would you like to know what your animal think, feel, about their health, or just would like to hear what they have to say..? Please contact us.

Grete Løvfall Andresen

Tlf.: +47 9111 4478


Sonja Ullestad

Tlf.: +47 9701 2623


Nina Gustavsen Sandbakk

Tlf.: +47 9927 8824


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