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For booking contact us either by mail or phone. We will then put up a suitable time for you and your animal. By booking a long distance consultation we will do the consultation within the agreed timeframe after recieving the money on our account. We will send you a form you need to fill out and return to us alongside a photo of the animal.


For booking: or:

Sonja Ullestad              

Tlf: +47 9701 2623              


Grete L. Andresen 

Tlf: +47 9111 4478                


Nina G. Sandbakk

Tlf: +47 9927 8824



Prices  - all prices are in norwegian kroner.

Consultation                                   kr.    750,-

Missing animal                                "      650,-

Animal communication course          "   2 200,-

Lectures:                        Make contakt for price

We also run a alternative camp and start alternativskole which is a 2 year education to became a animal communicator. The school starts march 2010 for mer information look at the tab "courses" or click at the links above.

Alternativ camp                             kr  2 950,-

 (incl. accommodation & food)

Alternativskolen (year 1)               kr 22 000,-

Alternativskolen (year 2)               kr 22 000,-

For booking courses, school or camp send us an email at:


The reservation is binding and deposit is not refundable if canceled. 

Welcome til Dyretolksenter

Grete Løvfall Andresen

Tlf.: +47 9111 4478


Sonja Ullestad

Tlf.: +47 9701 2623


Nina Gustavsen Sandbakk

Tlf.: +47 9927 8824


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