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Animal Communication


Animals communicate in various ways. They communicate through smell, sound, body language and telepathy. As a animal communicator we communicate with animals by using the telepathic part of the communication.


Telepathy is thought transmissions. Telepathy is possible between spieces, between humans, between humans and animals, and across boarders. The messages can both be sent and recieved. We use our body as a channel. Telepathy is something that can be learn. But it requires training to be observant of the small signals that is being sent and recieved.


We use all our senses when we communicate. We often recieving messages through mental images (still images or as a short film) and feelings, but we also recieve words, thoughts, smell, taste, sound or we just know things (intuition). We can also feel health issuses on our own body in the way of feeling aches and pains. We do not have any veterinary background and do not give any diagnosis or prognosis. If you suspect your animal is sick you should go see a vet.


Animal Communicator


An animal communicator is the person who helps owners and their animals to communicate with each other. That is being done as the animal communicator works as a channel and recieve/send information from/to the animal. Owners often get their question answered and get the chance to hear what their animals have to say. All animals are different like human beings. And they have their own story to tell.

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